RSAF Commands and Units – A Brief Overview

Ever wondered how are the various squadrons in the RSAF organised? In this article, we present an overview of the commands and their component units.

On 5 January 2007, then-Minister for Defence, Teo Chee Hean, announced the restructuring of the RSAF into five operational commands as part of its transformation into a flexible, integrated, full-spectrum force. The commands were the Air Combat Command (ACC), the Participation Command (PC), the Air Power Generation Command (APGC) and the UAV Command (UC). On 22 March 2010, Second Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, inaugurated the Air Force Training Command (AFTC), to join the initial five commands.

Air Defence and Operations Command (ADOC)

Inaugurated on 5 January 2007, the mission of ADOC (“Vigilant & Ready”) is as follows:
To safeguard the integrity of Singapore’s territorial airspace, and provide air defence for homeland security.
To plan, control, execute and command all peacetime operations assigned to the RSAF.
To ensure the high readiness of the RSAF forces for seamless peace to war transition.
To raise, train and sustain the Ground Based Air Defence and Command and Control forces within the RSAF.

The composition of ADOC is as follows:
Air Defence Group (“Ever Vigilant”):
160 Squadron (“Alert Always”)
163 Squadron (“Above The Best”)
165 Squadron (“Pride In Protection”)
Air Operations Control Group (“Always In Control”)
Air Surveillance and Control Group (“Vigilant And Decisive”):

203 Squadron (“Serve To Preserve”)
9 Air Engineering and Logistics Group (“With Unity We Support”):
113 Squadron (“Mission First”)
809 Squadron (“Ready And Swift”)
819 Squadron (“Precise And Reliable”)

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Command (UC)


Inaugurated on 25 May 2008, the mission of UC (“Persistent And Precise”) is as follows:
To deliver responsive, persistent and precise Air ISR capabilities to achieve the SAF’s Mission.
To raise, train and sustain the RSAF’s UAV and imagery exploitation forces, and to govern the SAF’s UAV deployments.

The composition of ADOC is as follows:
UAV Group (“Persistent And Focused):
116 Squadron (“Courageous And Tenacious”)
119 Squadron (“Precise And Cohesive”)
128 Squadron (“Focused And Ready)
Image Exploitation Group (“Precise And Timely”):
129 Squadron (“Swift And Sharp”)
138 Squadron (“Poised To Deliver”)
1 Air Engineering and Logistics Group (“Swift And Sure”):
801 Squadron (“Swift And Dependable”)
811 Squadron (“Persistent And Sure”)

Participation Command (PC)


Inaugurated on 4 January 2008, the mission of PC (“Integrate & Dominate”) is as follows:
To deliver effective air power in order to decisively influence the ground and maritime battles.
To raise, train and sustain helicopter, divisional air defence and air power integration units, who are ready to respond to the full spectrum of SAF operations.

The composition of PC is as follows:
Divisional Air Defence Group (“Vigilant And Lethal”):
3 Divisional Air Defence Artillery (“Vigilant And Valiant”)
6 Divisional Air Defence Artillery (“Vigilant And Valiant”)
9 Divisional Air Defence Artillery (“Vigilant And Valiant”)
18 Divisional Air Defence Artillery (“Always Ahead”)
Helicopter Group (“Dare & Will”):
120 Squadron (“Strive To Achieve”)
123 Squadron (“Swift And Precise”)
125 Squadron (“Swift In Support”)
126 Squadron (“Ready And Able”) – RAAF Base Oakey, Queensland, Australia
127 Squadron (“Strength Courage Swiftness”)
Peace Prairie (“Moving In Tandem”) – Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
Peace Vanguard (“Forging Ahead”) – Marana, Arizona, USA
Tactical Air Support Group (“Integrated & Ready”):
1 Medical Squadron (“Courage And Conviction”)
105 Squadron (“Robust And Resolute”)
201 Squadron (“Deploy Detect Defend”)

Air Combat Command (ACC)


Inaugurated on 28 August 2008, the mission of ACC (“Poised And Deadly”) is as follows:
To plan, control and execute operations, integrating air combat capabilities for the SAF’s campaign across the operational continuum.
To achieve and sustain air superiority over the SAF’s area of operations.
To raise, train and sustain the RSAF’s fighter and transport forces for employment by task forces to achieve the SAF’s mission.

The composition of ACC is as follows:
Fighter Group (“Decisive And Deadly”):
140 Squadron (“Stand Firm In Defence”)
142 Squadron (“Honour And Glory”)
143 Squadron (“We Dare”)
145 Squadron (“Swift And Valiant”)
149 Squadron (“Steadfast”)
Peace Carvin II – Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, USA
Peace Carvin V – Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, USA
110 Squadron (“Sharpening Our Cutting Edge”)
Transport Group (“Project And Deliver”):

111 Squadron (“Vigilance In Control”)
112 Squadron (“Determined To Deliver”)
121 Squadron (“Seek And Destroy”)
122 Squadron (“Dependable”)

Air Power Generation Command (APGC)


Inaugurated on 28 August 2008, the mission of APGC (“Generate And Sustain”) is as follows:
To generate and sustain effective, timely and robust air power to achieve the SAF’s mission.
To raise, train and sustain Aircraft Generation and Airbase Operability elements in each Air Base to ensure continuous launch and recovery of aircraft.

The composition of APGC is as follows:
Tengah Air Base (“Always Vigilant”):
5 Air Engineering and Logistics Group (“Excellence Always”)
205 Squadron (“Excellence And Beyond”)
505 Squadron (“Strive To Maintain”)
605 Squadron (“Alert And Steadfast”)
705 Squadron (“Zeal In Duty”)
805 Squadron (“Responsive And Dependable”)
815 Squadron (“Swift And Precise”)
Sembawang Air Base (“Swift And Resolute”):
6 Air Engineering and Logistics Group (“Swift And Steadfast”)
206 Squadron (“Precision In Control”)
506 Squadron (“Steadfast Support”)
606 Squadron (“Uphold And Persevere”)
706 Squadron (“Swift And Reliable”)
806 Squadron (“Agile And Expeditious”)
816 Squadron (“Precise And Dependable”)
Paya Lebar Air Base (“Strength Through Readiness”):
7 Air Engineering and Logistics Group (“Pride In Support”)
207 Squadron (“Support Towards Excellence”)
507 Squadron (“Forever Onward”)
607 Squadron (“Dare Us”)
707 Squadron (“Resolute And Responsive”)
807 Squadron (“Swift And Effective”)
817 Squadron (“Dedicated And Precise”)
Changi Air Base (“Together In Excellence”):
208 Squadron (“Reliable And Vigilant Always”)
508 Squadron (“Unrivalled Support”)
608 Squadron (“Vigour And Vigilance”)
708 Squadron (“Agile And Dependable”)
808 Squadron (“Ready And Vigilant”)

Air Force Training Command (AFTC)


Inaugurated on 22 March 2010, the mission of AFTC (“Excellence”) is as follows:
To develop Air Force leaders and professionals committed to the mission of the RSAF, steeped in core values with strong foundational competencies.

The composition of AFTC is as follows:
Flying Training Institute (“Strength Through Knowledge And Skills”):
124 Squadron (“Strive For Excellence”)
130 Squadron (“Aim To Strike”) – RAAF Base Pearce, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
150 Squadron (“Forward We Strike”) – Cazaux Air Base, France
Air Grading Centre (“Soar Through Knowledge”) – Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
Standards Squadron (“Pride Through Professionalism”)
UAV Training School (“Redefine Perfection”)
Air Warfare Training Institute (“Excellence Through Knowledge And Skills”):
C3 School (“Competency Through Knowledge”)
GBAD School (“Look Forward”)
Air Engineering Training Institute (“Towards Excellence”):
Advanced AFE School (“Inspiring Excellence”)
Aircraft Engineering School (“Engineering Excellence”)
Civil Engineering School (“Excellence In Resilience”)
Networks, C2 and Air Defence School (“Excellence In Networked Air Defence”)
Supply Chain School (“Delivering Excellence”)

Editor: This article is based on information presented to the public during the RSAF Open House 2016. We would like to thank the RSAF, especially Malcom Koh from AFIC, for allowing us the usage of the key information presented in this article.

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