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The Military Aviation Photography Singapore (MAphotoSG) group was formed by co-founders Raymond Lee and David Chua in 2015 after the Jubilee National Day Parade. Currently the group consists of 10 passionate local military aircraft spotters (aka Military plane spotters or Military enthusiast) who all share the common interest of aviation photography, particularly military aircraft. We have since expanded to cover all things Military and Aviation.

The core activities of the group centre around aircraft spotting and coverage of aviation events, both local and overseas. Some of the events captured so far include the exclusive previews of the Singapore Airshow 2016 and RSAF Open House 2016, the first public F-35 performance at Luchtmachtdagen 2016 (Netherlands) and the IWM Duxford American Air Show 2016 (England). Members also visit various air force or aviation related museums around the region and beyond.

Our website also features articles of interest, covering military/aviation events to aircraft spotting. Our most popular article to date was on the constraints of Singapore’s airspace as faced by the RSAF. This article helped to answer commonly asked questions about why the RSAF aicraft routinely overfly residential areas in which a large majority of Singaporeans reside in.

The current MAphotoSG team members and their Instagram account:

David Chua (@robotech3142) Chief Photographer and co-founder of MAphotoSG. Although trained as an IT professional for 15 years, he discovered his true passion in photography. Since then, he has been covering sporting and motorsports events with his trusty Nikon DSLRs. As a plane lover since young, aviation photography came naturally by utiliising the same photographic equipment. Most of his travels now are planned around airshows around the world, with Europe being his favourite destination.

Raymond Lee (@rayzlee.MAphotoSG), Marketing and co-founder of MAphotoSG. A self-taught photographer since 1995, has has been doing freelance photography since 1997. He has also covered the National Day Parades of 1999 and 2001 as an Official NDP photographer. His interest in military jets started, all thanks to the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise and the famous F-14s. Since early 2015, he has been actively photographing RSAF aircraft and hasn’t stop since!

Gary Ng (@clipper.sg), Editor. His interest in aviation started at a young age in the 70s, when he regularly visited SAF Day Shows and Open Houses. He has also visited several air force and aviation related sites, both regionally and overseas. He was the Development Advisor on the book “Singapore’s Aviation Centenary (1911-2011)”, which was published in 2011, and joined MAphotoSG in 2016. His 25 years in the printing industry and military photograph are two of his biggest passions in life, in addition to his toy collecting.

Tan Jing Heng: @mbe_photography

Alex Chan: @chxn_photography

Hanson Seah: @photograph.sy

Wei Jie: @e3lipse.photography

Eric: @eclh14

Wen Hao: @wenhaoakadage

Eric Kuan: @Erichotspot

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a photographer who has an eye for still plane photography. I want to document the making of an aircraft here in Singapore, and look for someone with passion for aircrafts and capability of capturing the right moment.


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