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RSAF new “old” 142sqn flying F-15SG

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (The RSAF) new “old” 142sqn is back again, this time, flying F-15SG. After years of speculation, it has finally come to light when TheRSAF Facebook posted first photo of 142 Sqn pilots on 18 March 2016.

I believe I am the first, if not, among the first few spotters to have captured the image of F15SG with the Fighting Gryphon tail art on 11 March 2016.

RSAF F-15SG 142Sqn
RSAF F15SG flying the “Fighting Gryphon” of 142SQN during Chief of Airforce “Final Flight” on 11 March 2016

Our contributor members @4lexphotography and @wenhaoakadage have noticed frequent flying of F-15SG over at Tengah Airbase, doing series of touch and go since the begining of this year! As the former 142 sqn Skyhawk were based in Tengah, we can’t help to guess that new 142 sqn will be base in Tengah? A forum back in 2008 also suggested it as well. But isn’t Tengah very crowded now?

Or will there be a shuffling of squadrons among the bases soon?


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  1. Well, 142 SQN will be based in PLAB, reason being 149 and 142 will pool their aircraft together for operations, meaning any aircrew can fly 142 or 149 sqn aircraft at any time. If the two sqns are in different bases, this will not be possible, just like the f16s from 140 and 143.

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