The Turkish Stars

One of the best display teams around, the Turkish Stars are the aerobatic demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force. The team flies with 8 Canadair NF-5 painted in the red and white of the Turkish Flag. The NF-5A is a variant of the Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter planes obtained from the Royal Netherlands Air […]

Constraints of our RSAF Air Bases

(also known as “Why must RSAF aircraft fly over my house?”) Editor: This article is based on information and graphics which were presented to the public during the RSAF Open House 2016. We would like to thank the RSAF, especially Malcom Koh from AFIC, for allowing us the usage of the key information presented in […]

Part 3 of RSAF Open Houses : 2001 to 2011

Editor: In a week’s time, the long awaited RSAF Open House 2016 on 21-22 May is finally here! In this final series, we bring you back to the more recent RSAF open houses since the turn of millennium, 2001 to 2011. Text  by Gary Ng ( Images by: Gary Ng (, David Chua (@Robotech3142), Eric Chang (@eclh14) A New Millennium  At […]