Nikon D500 Field Test

The Nikon D500 is currently the flagship DX cropped sensor camera from Nikon. It’s APS-C sensor with 1.5x crop factor gives it more reach than a full frame camera. An important asset for shooting airplanes and wildlife. I was able to put my name in the long list of preorders at my local camera store […]

Singapore Airshow 2016 report

The biennial Singapore Airshow finally took place last week from 16th – 21st Feb 2016. Located at a remote far eastern tip of Singapore at Changi Exhibition Centre. All 10 members of MAphotoSG were there on both trade days and public days to bring you report of Singapore AirShow 2016. We will zoom into each […]


In view of celebrating a triple jubilee in 2014, namely 100 years airforce, 50 years Patrouille Suisse and 25 years PC-7 Team. The Swiss Air Force organised a big international air meeting at the Payerne Airbase which was held on 30-31 and 6-7 September 2014. This is the first of many articles covering AIR14. According […]