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For the last five decades, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has transformed from it’s humble Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC) beginnings in 1968, to the current Full Spectrum, Integrated and Ready force. While it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the time, it has managed to overcome obstacles to become a force to reckon with in the defence of Singapore. To celebrate this Golden Jubilee significant milestone, the RSAF has planned a series of events to celebrate with fellow Singaporeans this year, which were announced on 17 Jan.

RSAF50 Logo Narrative

RSAF 50th Logo Blue
The numerical “50” in the RSAF50 logo represents the 50th anniversary of the RSAF, and the appreciation for the public support over the 50 years. The infinity symbol in the “50” symbolises that there are no limits to how far the RSAF can go with the continued support of fellow Singaporeans. The iconic skyline below represents Singapore – Our Home, and serves to highlight that the RSAF is here for Singapore and Singaporeans. Together with the tagline “Our Home, Above All”, the RSAF50 logo represents the force’s commitment to always be ready and capable to defend our people and our home, 50 years and beyond.

RSAF50@Singapore Airshow 2018

At the upcoming Singapore Airshow 2018 from 6-11 Feb, the RSAF will participate with a series both static and aerial displays. On 7 Feb, President Halimah Yacob will officially launch the RSAF50 celebrations by unveiling the commemorative RSAF50-themed decorated F-15SG and making the first photo contribution to the RSAF50 Commemorative Mural. The RSAF50 Pavilion will feature exhibits on the history of the RSAF, and include a mock-up runway exhibit with Airfield Landing Aids and aircraft and weapon system simulators. The static display will feature twice the number of RSAF assets, compared to past airshows displays, and will include aircraft arming demonstrations. To round off the showcase, the aerial display will feature a combined performance by two F-16Cs and one F-15SG, performing manoeuvres that will showcase the speed and power of the F-15SG, and the agility and precision of the F-16s.

DSC_1150A F-15SG in formation with two F-16Cs.

DSC_1416A F-15SG and two F-16Cs in a stacked formation.


To enable more Singaporeans to join in the celebrations, the RSAF will move into the heartlands from March to May at Toa Payoh, Sembawang, Punggol, Bedok and Jurong East. The Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, will officially launch the RSAF50@Heartlands during the first location at Toa Payoh, with Sembawang, Punggol and Bedok being first time venues. Selected RSAF platforms will be on display at the various locations, and each location will feature unique special highlights and demonstrations. For the first time, the public will also be able to witness live helicopter operations at the Sembawang location too. The details of the heartlands celebrations are as follows:

RSAF50@Toa Payoh – 10-11 Mar 2018
RSAF50@Sembawang – 31 Mar–1 Apr 2018
RSAF50@Punggol – 14-15 Apr 2018
RSAF50@Bedok – 12-13 May 2018
RSAF50@Jurong East – 26-27 May 2018


RSAF50@Marina Barrage

Immediately following the National Day Parade on 9 Aug, Singaporeans are invited to bring their families for a picnic at Marina Barrage over the National Day weekend of 11-12 Aug. The main highlights will be a commemorative RSAF50 aerial flypast comprising more than 20 RSAF flying assets, including the RSAF UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and an aerial display by the F-15SG, F-16C/Ds and two AH-64Ds.


RSAF50 Parade, Tengah Air Base

In accordance with military tradition, the RSAF50 parade will be held on 1 Sep, on the anniversary of the RSAF, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong  as the Guest-of-Honour. The parade will feature a march-past, mobile column and a Salute-to-the-Nation flypast, and the new Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft will make its maiden public appearance. The Prime Minister will also put the last photo to complete the RSAF50 Commemorative Mural.

At the RSAF50 announcement press conference at the Air Force Museum, Chief of Staff – Air Staff, Brigadier-General (BG) Kelvin Khong, Chairman of the RSAF50 Steering Committee said, “The RSAF over the last 50 years has transformed quite substantially from the small force that we were at the beginning in 1968, starting with just two Cessna aircraft. Over the years, we have overcome many challenges, and we pay tribute to our pioneers as well as the early generations of airmen and women, who have put in a lot of hard work and displayed a lot of resilience to take us to wehere we are today. The journey has not been easy, and there were challenges that we had to overcome. For example in the areas of engineering and building up a strong engineering capability, and the lack of training airspace.”

”So as we pay tribute to our pioneers, and the pioneering and innovative spirit that they displayed, we also look forward with confidence that our future generations will continue this legacy that they have set for us. Today while the RSAF’s mission remains the same, to protect Singapore and Singaporeans, we also have over the years being involved in many different operations. This include counter-terrorism operations and humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations. Over the years, we have been very proud to be able to serve Singapore and Singaporeans in different ways.”

We look forward to celebrating this important milestone with fellow Singaporeans, through the series of events that we have planned. We will like to invite all Singaporeans to join us for the celebrations.”

DSC_1592(left to right): Colonel Kevin Goh, Organising Chair, RSAF50@Marina Barrage; Brigadier-General Kelvin Khong, Chairman RSAF50 Steering Committee;
Brigadier-General Gan Siow Huang, Organising Chair, RSAF50@SA18 & Heartlands

DSC_1694Brigadier-General Kelvin Khong issuing a statement on the RSAF50 celebrations to the press

DSC_1802(left to right): Colonel Kevin Goh, Brigadier-General Kelvin Khong, Brigadier-General Gan Siow Huang

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