RSAF50@Heartlands – Jurong East

Jurong East was the final location for the RSAF50@Heartlands exhibition, held at the open field next to the Jurong East MRT station on 26-27 May. With ample space for a large demonstration area, the V-200 RBS-70 GBAD, Hermes 450 UAV and I-HAWK GBAD M-192 Launcher were the final static displays shown. As the crowd descended […]

Droning Safely in Singapore

In the last few years, recreational and commercial drone flying has picked up at an exponential rate, thanks to the economies of scale of drone technology development. Recreational droning has especially grown, and in space-constrained Singapore, this is of particular concern as this may pose a risk to both aviation and public safety. In this […]

RSAF50@Heartlands – Bedok

The penultimate RSAF50@Heartlands exhibition was held at the Bedok Town Square pavilion from 12-13 May, before its final stop at Jurong East on 26-27 May. Bedok was also the third of the new estates in which the Heartlands exhibtion debuted at, along with Sembawang and Punggol. While the pavilion was spacious enough for the exhibits, […]

Bersama Shield 2018

The 2018 edition of the annual Exercise Bersama Shield was held from 28 April to 15 May, as part of the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA). This multilateral defence relationship is the world’s second-oldest, involving the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The FPDA came about following Britain’s withdrawal of […]

RSAF50@Heartlands – Punggol

On April 14-15, the RSAF50@Heartlands exhibition made its third stop at the northeastern estate of Punggol, which was also a debut estate for the series. The exhibition was held at the Punggol Town Square pavilion, located at the rear of Waterway Point. Due to the limited space of the service road, only the SPYDER, V-200 […]

RSAF50@Heartlands – Sembawang

The RSAF50@Heartlands exhibition made its appearance at Sembawang for the first time on the weekend of 31 March and 1 April, the second estate for this series. Conveniently located at the hardcourt next to Sembawang MRT station, it featured the similar static display platforms, but with some changes in the exhibition displays, namely the Seahawk […]