Night flying as international forces prepare for Exercise Pitch Black 2016

MAphotoSG is proud to introduce our new partnership with Australian base Aviation Media – (ASO). ASO is founded by Mark Jessop and Leigh Atkinson. They are passionate and creative team who are always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore and develop new and better ways to capture, highlight and promote aviation in all of its […]

RSAF Best Unit 2016

The winners of the annual SAF Best Unit competitions which was introduced since 1969 will be announced every year before Singapore Armed Forces Day (SAF Day), which falls on 1st July. MAphotoSG would like salute to 2016 winning squadrons by compiling our best photos  for each respective squardon. Best Fighter Squardon – 140 Squadron “Stand Firm in Defence” 140 […]

Constraints of our RSAF Air Bases

(also known as “Why must RSAF aircraft fly over my house?”) Editor: This article is based on information and graphics which were presented to the public during the RSAF Open House 2016. We would like to thank the RSAF, especially Malcom Koh from AFIC, for allowing us the usage of the key information presented in […]