ARM Cuauhtémoc BE-01 – Centenary of the Constitution Voyage (Singapore, 19-23 July 2017)

On the morning of 19 July, accompanied by booming Mexican music and a small crowd cheering by the pier side, the Mexican Navy’s (Armada de México) Tall Ship ARM (Armada República Mexicana) Cuauhtémoc BE-01 sailed into VivoCity’s port for her 5-day stay in Singapore. Commanded by Captain Rafael Antonio Lagunes Arteaga, the Cuauhtémoc arrived as […]

National Day Parade 2017

Singapore celebrates its 52nd birthday today with a spectacular National Day Parade at The Float@Marina Bay. The show this year include a dynamic defence display segment where the armed forces showed their hardware and capabilities, the usual parade and ceremony segment, some stage performance acts and the favourite grand finale fireworks show which draws a crowd of 150000 to the Marina Bay Waterfront.