RSAF50 Announcement

For the last five decades, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has transformed from it’s humble Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC) beginnings in 1968, to the current Full Spectrum, Integrated and Ready force. While it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the time, it has managed to overcome obstacles to become a force to reckon […]

ARM Cuauhtémoc BE-01 – Centenary of the Constitution Voyage (Singapore, 19-23 July 2017)

On the morning of 19 July, accompanied by booming Mexican music and a small crowd cheering by the pier side, the Mexican Navy’s (Armada de México) Tall Ship ARM (Armada República Mexicana) Cuauhtémoc BE-01 sailed into VivoCity’s port for her 5-day stay in Singapore. Commanded by Captain Rafael Antonio Lagunes Arteaga, the Cuauhtémoc arrived as […]